Joseph K. Mulholland, District Attorney

Joe Mulholland

Experienced Felony Prosecutor

Innovative Leader

Seasoned Law Enforcement Manager

joe12.jpg Joe Mulholland has earned a statewide reputation as a law enforcement leader and innovator. Joe took office in 2004 as the youngest District Attorney in the history of Georgia. As the Chief Law enforcement officer for the South Georgia Circuit, Joe was the first District Attorney to successfully prosecute Payday lenders who preyed on the elderly and military veterans. When he took office there were more payday lending companies than banks in the circuit- today there are none.

DA Mulholland works with state leaders in the Capitol in coming up with innovative new laws. Joe helped draft the Scrap Metal legislation that has been used to go after those people who are stealing South Georgia Farmers pivots for their copper. The law allows DAs to seek damages that include repairing pivots and loss of revenue due to lost crops. As a result, Georgia now has one of the toughest scrap metal laws in the country.

Joe is a community leader and knows how important it is to serve. When Hurricane Katrina struck the Southeast, DA Mulholland spearheaded relief efforts with local church and civic groups for Pascagoula, MS. Over $500,000 in relief was given to the town that is roughly the same size as many of the small towns we serve in the South Georgia Circuit. Joe also serves on several boards and civic organizations including Rotary, Decatur County Education Board, Southwest Georgia Humanitarian Board, and attends First Methodist Church with his wife Barbara and two year old son Joey.

District Attorney MulhollandDA Mulholland is an innovator in the prosecutorial world. He started the first Domestic Violence aftercare program in the State. Just because a case file is closed doesn't mean that victims are ready to move on with their lives. Joe, in conjunction with local organizations, makes sure that domestic violence victims get the support in the form of parenting classes, counseling, resume and job workshops, and self-defense courses. DA Mulholland also has initiated a program where young people charged with a crime have the opportunity to have charges deferred in lieu of serving their country in the armed forces. Joe believes that it is better for young men and women to serve their country in the field rather than behind bars.

Joe was re-elected in 2008 by over 60 percent of the vote, beating his opponent by 24 points. DA Mulholland is honored to serve the people of the South Georgia Circuit and understands how lucky he is to do the job he loves, prosecuting felons and keeping our community safe.