The District Attorney (DA) represents the state government in the prosecution of criminal offenses, and is the chief law enforcement officer and top prosecutor of that state's jurisdiction.

The district attorney leads a staff of prosecutors, Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs), who represent the State and investigate and prosecute criminals on behalf of the District Attorney. District Attorneys are elected by the voters of the jurisdiction. Our jurisdiction, the South Georgia Circuit, encompasses Baker, Calhoun, Decatur, Grady, and Mitchell Counties.

The prosecution is the legal party responsible for presenting the case against an individual who is suspected of breaking the law, initiating and directing further criminal investigations, guiding and recommending the sentencing of offenders, and overseeing grand jury proceedings.


Our Mission

The mission of the District Attorney’s Office is:

  • To pursue justice through the fair and ethical prosecution of criminal offenders.
  • To seek justice for victims of crime.
  • To create a safer community through positive partnerships with law enforcement and other community members, and to earn and hold the trust and respect of the citizens that we are privileged and honored to serve.

My entire career has been spent protecting our circuit; making sure that the defendant’s rights are upheld, that law enforcement has the upmost support, and that victim’s are properly represented in the criminal justice system. Let’s keep our community safe.
— Joe Mulholland, District Attorney

What We've Achieved

  • The first District Attorney's Office to prosecute payday/predatory lenders, effectively eliminating them from the State.
  • Leading legislation to regulate scrap metal distributors to protect farmers and businesses from devastating thefts of copper and other metals.
  • Maintaining one of the highest conviction rates in the State.
  • Establishing a new appellate division/victim's notification to increase affirmed decisions.
  • Eliminated internet gambling from the circuit through innovative prosecution.
  • Obtaining grants to provide for increased victim services so that all victim's have their day in Court.
  • Fiscal conservatism with County budgets to make sure taxpayers are receiving effective tax spending.
  • Procuring technology grants so that our office is up to date with equipment to reflect societies increased demand for visualization.
  • Working collaboratively with the Circuit to establish an Accountability Court.
  • Protecting farmers by holding those stealing crops responsible.